Visiting Us

Come to Tigray and visit us! Take the main road north from Mekele (capital of Tigray) heading towards Adigrat and turn left just past Wukro onto a well-made dirt road to Hawzien. The trip can easily be made by local bus but come in a 4x4 if you are planning on travelling off the beaten track - especially during the rainy season when the going gets extremely tough (as the following video demonstrates).

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The journey to Hawzien takes a couple of hours as you travel through a dramatically beautiful and almost biblical landscape where herds of exotic animals, people in colourful traditional dress, lively local markets and camel caravans vie for the attention. Around you massive and towering rocks dominate the plateau – ancient rock-hewn churches brightly painted with frescoes hidden in their highest crevices.

Once you reach Hawzien Maikado is a 5km drive (if you have your own vehicle) or an easy and pleasant walk to the north-east – ask for Maryam Anza (the church nearby) if you get lost.

There are a couple of decent and clean local hotels in Hawzien but while in town you should give yourself a real treat and stay in the perfectly lovely Gheralta Lodge ( – and build in some flexibility to your onward itinerary as you really won’t want to leave!

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